Meet Our Llamas

Llama Lookout is focused on top-quality breeding stock. My aim is to breed llamas with wonderful calm temperaments and personality, as well as producing fine, soft fibre. Right from the start I focused on quality rather than quantity through the purchase of pure Chilean llamas. I wanted the best and I am still thrilled with the gorgeous results.

In 1997 I purchased a small group of the very best girls I could. Although it was an expensive exercise I decided our foundation herd was from where our future llama family would grow, so the best quality was chosen. After 10 years of carefully selecting the best herdsires to marry my top quality girls I realised I must be doing something right as I have received many wins in the show ring.

In 2007 I went the next step by travelling to America to import the only genuine suri llamas in New Zealand.

These exclusive suri llama sires and dam from USA have taken my breeding programme to a new level.

I are so grateful for the American farms who have helped me achieve my dream to bring genuine suri llamas home to Llama Lookout.

I look forward to introducing you to the Suri dream.

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