Genuine Suri Llama Herdsires
Direct from the USA

Kantu's King of the Kord

Kantu P5
Kantu P5 ILR 177344
x Bolivian Elegant Touch

HCLA Bolivian Elegance ILR 230566

When Mark Brant of Twin Lakes Llamas (Michigan USA) found we were to import the first Suri Llamas into New Zealand he wanted to be part of the action and we were blown away when he offered us the best of his 200 strong llama herd - Kantu's King of the Kord.

With sire Kantu P5 considered the most prepotent suri llama of all time and the beautiful show winning dam, Bolivian Elegant Touch, Kantu's King of the Kord is the foundation male for Llama Lookout's suri breeding program.We are excited about his breeding future as his fibre has been measured at 16 micron.

American Silver Bleu

WSL Peruvian Silver Lining

WSL Peruvian Silver Lining ILR 242609
x Aloha Precious
Aloha Precious ILR 244348

Top USA llama breeder, Kathy Ross, says "American Silver Bleu is the most exotic llama I have ever produced." Totally silver, with silky locked fibre, lots of stretch, and wonderful presence American Silver Bleu is sublime.

As a juvenile he was judged Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male and qualified for USA Nationals November 2006.

Unique in having an extreme suri grandsire, Peruvian Vice ILR 213516
, Suri Champion sire, Peruvian Silver Lining and a National Suri Champion dam, Aloha Precious, plus the silver coloured beautiful Peruvian import, grand dam P496 Fortuna 92.

With his silver and silky suri genetics going back three generations, American Silver Bleu is a winner.

Star of Detroit

Castlerock's Mojo
Castlerock's Mojo ILR 243547
x Star American Dream

Star American Dream ILR 243699

Star of Detroit's sire, Castlerock Mojo, was handpicked by the legendary Brant family of Star Llamas to maximise the special suri ingredient to their outstanding suri breeding program. With extraordinary fibre and great lustre Star of Detroit is destined to become one of the stars of Llama Lookout's suri llama future.

If you desire living art with curtains of silk gracing your paddocks then register your interest now with Llama Lookout.

Star Spangled Banner

Peruvian Precedent
Peruvian Precedent ILR 240454
x Peruvian Enigma
Peruvian Enigma ILR 229425

Star Spangled Banner is a highly evolved 3rd generation suri llama. With tight suri pencil locks from his sire Peruvian Precedent, grand sire Peruvian Keno PC-1 ILR 190453
and great grand sire Peruvian Maximo PC-1 ILR 190451
he comes from the royalty of suri llama genetics. Destined to be 7 foot tall with stretch and graceful movement due to the incredible E Line genetics from his mother Peruvian Enigma, this boy is the cream of the crop.

With the reflective lustre of brilliant white and red colourings, great conformation and stretch, Star Spangled Banner will produce the best.

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